Bridging the Gap – What is Your Future?

7 Essential Tips to Becoming the Person You Want to Be:

1.Take responsibility for your life – make choices and changes in every area

We can all make excuses as to why we are not the person we want to be or a victim of circumstance that has changed our intended course. Until you actually admit to yourself that you are the only one that can decide your future and take action will you ever be able to make changes happen.

2. Identify unwanted behaviours or habits – these can prevent you making the necessary changes.

We are creatures of habit and they are not easy to break, both good and bad! We are all guilty of making plans and targets for ourselves to only find that after a short while we find ourselves back where we started. You only have to think about how many New Year’s resolutions you have made in the past and not seen them through to relate to this.

Once you have identified what these unwanted behaviours or habits are, you then need to ask yourself what you are gaining from them. By changing how you perceive the gain will help change the behaviour or habit to some more resourceful for you.

3. Be absolutely clear and concise what it is you want – indecision will only cause confusion.

Making SMART goals will help you to have a future focused outcome:

S = Specific (Saying “I would like to be more successful” is not specific. “I would like to be a successful writer is specific)

M = Measurable (How will you know when you have achieved your goal? If we use the example of successful writer does being successful mean having an article published? Writing a book or novel? Being a Best Seller?)

A = Achievable (Have you got the right skill set and knowledge to enable you to reach your goal?)

R = Realistic (It is no good expecting to write a Best Seller if you have never even written an article or essay in your life before! It is better to breakdown the goal into smaller stages)

T = Time (When considering the time frame for your goal you want to make sure that it is achievable and realistic to keep you focused and motivated.

4. Make a list of all the resources, knowledge, experience and skills you have that can help you – you probably have more than you realise!

When considering the resources available to you this can include people who can help you, places where you can access what you need, information that can be gained and from where.

When writing down all the knowledge, experience and skills you already have can be very encouraging to see what you have already but can also identify possible areas where there are gaps that need to be filled.

5. Line up your values and beliefs with your goals – only when everything is aligned will you find the right path.

You have to decide what is really important to you and whether it lines up with the goal you want to achieve. It is no good if you want to run a marathon but exercise and keeping fit is not important to you!

If you believe you can do something or not do something, then you are probably right! You have to believe you are worthy of all that you want to achieve and have complete faith that you can do it!

6. Visualise your future self – think about what you would like look like, how would you behave and what it would feel like.

To become the person you have always wanted to be it is worth taking the time to close your eyes and visualise your future self stood in front of you. Imagine what that future self would look like, how would they be dressed? How would they stand? What would they say and how would they be feeling?

7. Always be kind and positive towards yourself – giving yourself a hard time or putting yourself down is unresourceful!

If you have set yourself a target to achieve something and you didn’t quite get there then instead of beating yourself up about it consider what got in the way of you reaching it. By identifying what the cause was can then help you to change it for next time.

If you were to ask any successful entrepreneur how they achieved their success, they will gladly tell you about all their major mistakes, mishaps and failures. They happen to us all!

It is not how you fall but how you get back up that counts!

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