Having a fear of something, whether it be heights, spiders, wasps, enclosed spaces, being amongst a crowd, the list of different fears is endless, can be very debilitating and limit our choices. A fear is developed from a past experience and has a strong emotion is attached to it. When we are faced with whatever our fear is, our brain automatically re-enacts the strong emotion we have attached to the fear and we get to fully experience it over again.

For as long as I can remember I have always had a terrible fear of heights. When faced with heights I get a strong feeling of nausea, my stomach tightens, I can feel the blood pumping through my head and my adrenaline causes my hands to shake! So you can imagine that this is not a state I have wanted to experience too often in my life! Before I learnt about NLP I tried doing lots of things to try and cure myself of this fear, such as abseiling down a 170ft building (it was to raise money for charity as well), I have been up both Blackpool Tower and the Eiffel Tower (twice!) and even up in a Gyrocopter in the Lake District. As you can probably gather I am the sort of person who doesn’t like to feel restricted by my fear but none of these things helped me get over it.

Only when I learnt about NLP and how the brain works was I able to understand my fear. My inner voice when faced with heights was telling me things like “if you fall from here you will die!” “If this gives way you will plummet to your death!” So the emotions associated with this impending doom were very overwhelming which resulted in my inner experience of nausea and shaking as described earlier. By listening to what my inner voice was saying and then changing it to say something much more positive instead like “This structure has been here for many years and is very strong!” or “Look at the amazing view from up here!”. By changing what I focused on or noticed immediately changed my inner experience and I how I felt.

Having learnt this new skill it enabled me to do a Tandem Paraglide from approximately a 2000 metre height off the side of the Shilthorn Mountain in Switzerland. This involved running down a steep side of the mountain until the air caught the paraglide and lifted us up, up into the air! I can now officially say that I have run off the side of a mountain! It was the most amazing, adrenaline pumping, exhilarating feeling I have ever experienced in my life! The views of the snow topped Jungfrau mountain range on a clear blue, cloudless, sunny day are something I will remember and treasure for the rest of my life! (Check out some of the photos on my Facebook page!)

To think that if I hadn’t been able to use my knowledge of NLP to help me overcome my fear of heights I would never have had this experience! When we imagine how life can be we can then take action to make it happen. We can store away whatever we want to have happen and bring it out in the moment. Our brain responds to what we notice and focus on. If we change what we notice and focus on then it ultimately changes our experience and how we feel about it!

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