The Oxford English Dictionary definition is: “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.”

Although, well being includes happiness, it also includes how satisfied people are with their life as a whole, their sense of purpose, and how in control they feel.

Measuring your own well being can be done by asking yourself questions like:

• How do I feel about the future?

• Have I been thinking clearly?

• Am I interested in new things?

• Have I got balance and quality of life in areas such as health, physical activity and social interaction?

• How well am I coping with everyday life?

• How hopeful and confident am I about achieving my personal goals?

Some suggestions of steps you can take to improve your feeling of Well Being:

1) Allocate some time each day to set an intention of how you would like to feel for the most part of the day. Preferably at the start of your day.
2) Consider what you would like more of in your life and the emotions/feelings attached to them. Focus on one of the things and think about what small change you could make today to move you closer to it.
3) Make time each day to include some form of exercise that makes you slightly out of breath and makes your heart beat slightly faster than normal. (For those who don’t like the idea of exercise this could be something as simple as running up the stairs instead of walking or taking a lift! Maybe even walking at a faster pace than normal to get those endorphins firing! (Known to help you feel increased levels of exhilaration!)
4) Include some “Me Time” during each day that allows you to have some time and space to think. This could be anything from grabbing a 10 minute cup of tea break or lying in the bath for a nice soak! You decide what is practical for you and your lifestyle that easily fits in to your daily routine.
5) At the end of each day reflect on what went well that day and if you managed to fulfill your intention that you set yourself in the morning. (Don’t worry if you didn’t as there is always tomorrow when you can try again!)

This is not meant to be an exhaustive or complete list of how to achieve Well Being but just some tips to get you started or to consider.

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